2021 Theme: Co-Creating Coherence

"The Emergence of a Unified Alliance"

What We are Offering:

✪ Powerful Presentations
✪ Inspirational Interviews
✪ Awakened Speakers
✪ Music – Movement – Meditation



9a.m. PST – Midnight: Virtual Experience
11a.m: Opening Portal
1:11p.m.: The Hope 11:11 Meditation
5:11p.m. PST: Global Heart Coherence Experience
11p.m: Closing Portal


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11.11 Unify Vision Video

Please note: 2021 will be a VIRTUAL EVENT ONLY! 

The Vision is to add “live local events” around the world & connect them, virtually!

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✨ Financial Support

✨ Donations

✨ “In-Kind” Trades

✨ Aligned Products

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“Transdimensional Illumination”!

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This beautiful graphic created by Dario was made especially for our 11/11/11 Unification Celebration Weekend Retreat Union Ceremony

We are calling in our Network Partnerships!

✨ Other 11.11 Events/Groups

✨ Organizations

✨ Foundations

✨ commUNITY Collectives

✨ Documentary films/series

>>> Application Deadline: October 10, 2021<<<

We are looking for more Dream Team members!

✨ Virtual Event Production

✨ Tech/ Sound/ Film

✨ Lighting/ Set Design

✨ Video Editing

✨ Social Media

✨ Marketing/ADs

>>> Application Deadline: SEPT 09, 2021<<<

This gorgeous depiction of festival culture is called “Fractalculture” and was created by Jessica Perlstein!
This incredible painting of musicians and dancers called “Seeing is Believing” was created by Jessica Perlstein!

✨ Awakened Leaders

✨ Key Note Speakers

✨ Presenters/ Interviewers

✨ Coherence Facilitators

✨ Musicians/ Artists

✨ Performers/ Dancers

✨ Ceremony Creators

>>> Application Deadline: SEPT. 09, 2021<<

Interested in co-creating the 11.11 Unify Virtual "Mother Event" with us?

Volunteers receive FREE Access to our paid events, a discount on our 11.11.22 Egypt Tour, and other amazing perks!

Interns could earn college credits.

>>> Application Deadline: September 30, 2021<<<

This is Anistara’s (Mother of 11.11 Unify) favorite, as it depicts our collaborative vision so perfectly! This impeccable piece was created by Autumn Skye!

Meet our 2021

Partners and Sponsors

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These Core Values and Guiding Principles Are Our North Star

11.11 University:
Mystic Initiation, Sacred Pilgrimage and Joint Research Expedition to Egypt

October 26 - November 14 2022

Let us explore the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, together!

Join us for our 11.11 Unify Sacred Pilgrimage and Joint Research Expedition to the Holy Land of Kemet! Brought to you by 11.11 Unify Global Gatherings and Unknown Egypt Travel!

Global Gatherings A project of “Transdimensional Illumination” 501(c)3

Are you ready to BE the change?

Are you ready to BE the change?

NOW is the time to make a change! Let us explore Co-Creating Coherence , together! Join us this 11/11/21 for 11.11 Unify! Click Here to join our 11.11 commUNITY Network email list for updates and information!