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~Be a part of a community of Visionary Pioneers, Trail Blazers and PathChangers!

~inJOY our Weekly Livestream Interview series: Wisdom Wednesdays!

~Be in sacred circle with us, every New Moon, for our New Moon Celebrations each month!

~Deep dive with powerful and inspirational speakers during our monthly Mastermind Zoom Calls!

~Tune in for Anistara’s Messages from Source for more inspiration!

~Join our 11.11 University, with our first online program: The 11.11 Mystic Initiation!  Launching 12/21/2021!

Co-creating our Future Earth Vision- together!

11.11 Unify
Global Gatherings
Every Nov. 11th!
This year: 11/11/2021

Unifying our intentions through the 11.11 portal...

11.11 Unify
is a Virtual Gathering, with the intention of building a global commUNITY that
co-creates our Future Earth Vision together, for everyone’s THRIVE-all!

NOW is the time,
to allow the old paradigm to burn away
and to forge our new collective vision!

It begins with our
11.11 Unify Virtual “Mother Event”, featuring: Keynote Speakers,
Healers, Movement & Music.
Including our Synchronized Global Prayer for Love, Peace, Harmony & Unity

Then growing our 11.11 Unify commUNITY
Network, BIRTHING new collaborations
and co-creations that will benefit our Future Earth for 7 generations to come!

11.11 Unify Global Gatherings Vision Video

11.11 Mother Event

11.11 Mother Event

Our "Mother Event" will bring you the 11.11 Portal Videos at 11-11:22 a.m. & p.m. on 11/11/2021, along with 15-hours of Virtual Content and our synchronized Global Prayer for Love, Peace, Harmony & UNITY!
LIVE Local Events

LIVE Local Events

LIVE Local Events are collaborative 11.11 gatherings, various events, beaming in from around the globe. We realize the gravity of our situation at this time and this piece of our 11.11 unify Network will (wo)manifest sometime in the future. This year, our focus is our Virtual "Mother Event", and we will see where the future takes us, to include Live Events.


VIRTUAL events will be hosted from various countries around the globe. Synching up with existing virtual event organizations, collectives and communities; we envision collaborating with like-minded family, creating our 11.11 Global commUNITY Network!
11.11 Unify commUNITY Network

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11.11 Unify Vision!
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All donations are tax-deductible, via our 501(c)3
Transdimensional Illumination!
A portion of all proceeds will go to our beloved community members
that experienced great loss due to the recent CA fires! We love you!


So much gratitude for all of you!

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Co-creating our Future Earth Vision together!

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