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"Kandrewdence Kaus"
(Kandice & Andrew & Kadence)

Kreating "Kauses" supporting our Future Earth Vision!

Living our Dreams Awake!

This powerhouse team have been
“Living their Dreams Awake”,
co-creating their lives together for the last 17 years.
Married for almost 14 years, they share a ‘recommitment’ Union Ceremony with their community every 5 years.
As they grow and their lives change, they find it valuable to revisit their commitment to themselves,
each other and their community.

11/11 has become their wedding anniversary, hence the birth of the 3-day Unification Celebration 11/11/11-11/13/11.

Committed to building commUNITY around them, they believe in creating support systems in which everyone can THRIVE together!

They produced their first two events together:
2003: “Reflections” 3-day mini festival
2004: “ONE” event at the Hollywood Athletic Club
BOTH were FUNdraisers for CoSM
The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors!

From that point forward, they have birthed several projects together, including:
Unification Celebration, the expansion of Holistic Hooping, International Retreats
AND, most important their son Kadence Alturas Kaus!

Stepping into their roles as parents, their ethics, morals and visions for the future became even more laser focused on collaboration, sustainability, integrity, trust and creating ways in which we can all THRIVE!

They are now stepping up into their
“Awakened Leadership” roles,
co-creating “causes” that support our Future Earth Vision!

And, so Kause Kreations™ was born!