Anistara Ma Ka


Anistara Ma Ka (A.K.A Kandice Korves-Kaus):
Mother of 11.11 Unify, “Awakened Leader”, commUNITY builder, Visionary Pioneer, Innovative Inventor, Transdimensional BEing,
Healer, Author, Teacher, Speaker,
Ordained Minister, Wife and Mother.

She is passionate about gathering commUNITY close,
to co-create sacred circles, ceremonies and rituals that are both potent and impactful.
She has been creating, hosting and leading sacred circle ceremonies for over 3 decades.
As an Ordained Minister with Universal Life Church,
she is certified and excited to offer inspiring, empowering and
transformational ceremonial experiences to her commUNITY and the world!


Her life’s mission and purpose is to step into her Awakened Leadership role,
leading the way, on our collective path of humanity’s Great Awakening,
co-creating our Future Earth together!

Activating and leading our Great Awakening, sharing and leading by example.
She envisions creating bridges from our 3-D “reality’ to our future earth 5-D experience,
by elevating the frequency of our Mothership eARTh.
Bringing communities together to co-create conscious and sustainable solutions
that are supportive in (wo)manifesting our Future Earth Vision!

With a background in the healing arts of massage, aromatherapy, sound healing, chakra therapy, hoopdance, flow arts, fire dance, embodied movement, ceremony creating, and community building
…she folds all of her knowledge and experience into her work.

“She is a powerhouse, with vision and the understanding of how to create inspiring and empowering ‘causes’, that others resonate with & become passionate about contributing to.”



Her event production experience is extensive;
from hosting community gatherings and campouts,
to creating and co-hosting 10 years of 11/11 Galactivation Gatherings, to producing two events for CoSM
(Alex and Alyson Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors)
“Reflections” 3-day mini festival and the
“ONE” event at the Hollywood Athletic Club.

She has been on the production team of many festivals, including;
Enchanted Forest, Lucidity, Serenity, Equinox, Om Rising and others.
She has produced, hosted and performed
the Featured Fire Shows for over a decade at
High Sierra Music Festival and Sierra Nevada Music Festival,
amongst others.


She has hosted and/or taught at variety of retreats across the States,
as well as in Costa Rica, Hawaii, Bali and Thailand.
Always seeing the bigger picture and what creates an empowering experience
for her participants, she brings grand visions to life that have impacted thousands of people deeply.


A commUNITY leader, on a mission, with a fulfilling purpose,
she is PATHssionate about birthing ‘Kauses’ that people can really get behind and support.
Along with her 15+ years of event production and hosting a decade of 11.11 Unification Celebrations,
she is primed and ready to take on the task of expanding the 11.11 Unify vision,
to become activating Global Gatherings, with Sacred Pilgrimages to various Sacred Sites,
Megalithic Structures and Chakra Points on Mothership Gaia!


11.11 Unify is her mission and purpose!
It takes a team of collaborators to co-create it!

11.11 Unify Global Gatherings is brought to you by “Kause Kreations”
(co-creating “Kauses” supporting our Future eARTh Vision),
A project of “Transdimensional Illumination” a 501(c)3.

Anistara has been recently GIFTed Transdimensional Illumination, by her dear friend Joyous Heart.
He believes in Anistara, her mission, and the 11.11 Unify vision, hence his generous gift.

She was named Executive Director of Transdimensional Illumination,
with the intention to carry on it’s purpose, stewarding it’s expansion, growing the 11.11 Unify vision, as a non-profit organization.

(((This allows us the ability to fiscally fund other future earth projects that align with the 11.11 Unify vision.)))

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Her education/ experience includes:
The “School of Life”.
She holds a BA in both Psychology and Philosophy.
She has been a community leader for over two decades.
She was a successful entrepreneur, founder and owner of Holistic Hooping for 20 years.
She has managed teams of 100’s of people as Vendor Coordinator for several festivals for the past 8 years.

She has a background in/ training in/ certified with:
The Resonance Project Delegate Program with Nassim Haramein
Conscious Colors- Tuning Forks/ Color Aromas
Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner
Massage Therapist
Therapeutic Touch
Chakra Yoga Therapy
Group Exercise Trainer
Ordained Minister
Holistic Hoopologist
Certified Practritionist with Uforia

  Anistara (Kandice) has received hundreds of testimonials of praise!

Her Holistic Hooping clients have shared that she:
“has impacted their lives in many ways”,
that she “is an inspiration”, a “powerhouse”, a “force of nature’, a “woman with a plan”, a “visionary pioneer”, a “compassionate and wonderful teacher”, an “empowered woman who speaks her truth”,
is “the SPIN Doctor”, and a “successful female entrepreneur”.

Her event/ festival/ gathering participants have shared that she:
“has integrity and knows how to get things done’,
“can manage large groups of people with ease and grace”,
is a “community leader that knows how to throw one heck of a party”,
“can troubleshoot most any situation and find solutions on the fly”,
‘knows how to create beautiful rituals that bring awareness
to any topic she is sharing about’,
“can create excitement about most anything’ and
“fulfills on her promises of connecting people and projects,
creating commUNITY anywhere she goes”!!!

Emmanuelle Blanc:
“My name is Emmanuelle Blanc, I am a deep coaching mentor & life coach for driven & high achiever women.
I had the extraordinary pleasure to meet precious Anistara during my 3-day women’s empowering retreat in Palm Springs in July 2020. Wow, let me take a deep breath of love so I can bring the best of my being to express how impactful this woman is.
Her presence in the room is undeniable, she has a very high positive energy. Her wisdom is powerful, she brings incredible values to the group, spoke her heart so divinely. Sung her prayers with absolute grace. Shared her passion for 11:11 UNIFY GLOBAL GALACTIVATION which is what I call BRILLIANT.
I am so excited to witness her spreading internationally her gift to this magical world. Her vision is GRAND, I am supporting her in every way I possibly can for her to be seen by everyone. We have been waiting for such a leader.
Her generous heart has touched many & will continue to impact so many others. I m so proud of you Anistara.
Thank you for gifting us your presence. I love you”

Eli Morgan:
“Kandice and Andrew (Kandrew) helped to kick start a CoSM fundraising event, called “ONE”, in 2005. She is a creative force of nature! She has the ability to rally many people around a ‘cause’ she believes in and
manage large groups of people to make anything happen!”
“I love working with her!”

Sierra Sullivan:
“Kandice is an amazing community gatherer, event producer and wisdom teacher. Her life’s work has revolved around the festival scene and the vast knowledge and expertise she brings to her events is filled with deep creativity and love of creating whimsical and galactic environments and experiences. Any event I’ve ever attended or taught at, produced by Kandice, has been top notch. Her commitment to love and unification and her undying dedication to bringing people together is always felt by those who are fortunate enough to experience her magic worlds and creations.”

Michaelah Ivie:
“Kandice is an amazing powerhouse of wisdom, charisma, and leadership. She is skilled at helping to co-create events that bring community together and make magic and goodness happen for everyone. I have had the privilege of working with her in many festivals and events including all the past 11:11 gatherings in which she had to lead big teams and manage a lot of people.
Kandice is a natural at speaking and performing in big crowds as well as troubleshooting when situations arise. I have no doubt in her WOMANifestation powers to be highly successful in anything she’s passionate about
that will bring more love and beauty into the world.”