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Ascended Membership

$55/ Month
$555/ Year
or 5 payments of $111/each

Our Ascended Members are those who are joining our
11.11 Unify Network as “Collaborators”.

**These ‘collaborators’ will receive (the Activated Package):

~FREE virtual access to the 11.11 Portal Rituals on 11/11.
~Access to all “Mother Event” content.
~Access to our 11.11 Unify commUNITY Network
“Members Only” page.
~Monthly transmissions from our Network Partners/ Speakers,
on 12/12, 01/01, 02/02 and so on.
~A discount code for next year’s 11.11 gathering.


**As well as (the Awakened Package):

~Opportunities to join like-minded Future Earth Vision projects, via “Transdimensional Illumination” 501(c)3.
~ONE Monthly 11.11 Unify CommUNITY Network Collaboration Zoom Call,
hosted by Anistara Ma Ka.
~Special discount offers for our presenter’s/ speaker’s program offerings.

**And our exclusive “Ascended Package Perks”:

~Logo placement & presence on our ‘paid membership’ commUNITY Network Pages.
~Further opportunities to collaborate with our partners, sponsors and other supporters of our Future Earth Vision.
~Affiliate opportunities to create revenue, with
‘Aligned Products’ in our Marketplace.
~Extra special love & gratitude shared for you
in 11.11 Network posts and e/mails.

Let's begin co-creating our Future Earth Vision together!

Choose your Ascended Membership
payment plan BELOW!

Ascended Membership Donation: Choose from options in drop-downs!
Ascended Membership Donation: Payment Plan/ $111 for 5 months

Once you’ve made your payment and you are on the “Paypal Payment Received Page” PLEASE scroll down to click “RETURN TO MERCHANT”
in order to complete your registration!