Dream Team

Dream Work makes the Team Work &
Team Work Makes the DreamWork!

With multiple moving parts to create the vision,
we have multiple teams, moving in unison,
to bring 11.11 Unify to life!

We are eternally grateful for all of the dedicated,
loving work that our Dream Team
brings to our round table!


“Unity is strength…
when there is teamwork and collaboration,

wonderful things can be achieved.”
-Mattie Stepanek

Welcome Starry Family

11.11 Unify
Call to Action!

We welcome YOU to join the
11.11 commUNITY Network!
It takes a village...

We are calling in our Angel Sponsors, Partners, Collaborators, Co-creators and Contributors!
The magic of 11.11 is fast at work already!

The synchronicities, internal guidance, heart felt generosity, outpouring of love and support for this vision, has been manifesting itself for some time now…
and we are open to more!

There are several 11.11 keycodes, including: commUNITY contribution, collaboration, the Law of Attraction and Manifesting Abundance!

As more people resonate with the Future Earth Vision and feel the call to take ACTION, the more aligned GIFTS the universe is providing!

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watch our “Call to Action” video!

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Do you want to bring this vision to life?

Dream Team Applications!

Please fill out one of the following forms, choosing the category you feel called to!
Thank you for your interest is assisting us in building our Future Earth Vision together!


Financial Support, "In-Kind" Trades, Aligned Products, etc.


Organizations, foundations, collectives, documentary films/ series, groups, theme camps, etc.


Fellow 11.11 gatherings OR other 'aligned' events: Live Gatherings, Virtual Events, Groups, Camps.


Production, tech, sound, video, lighting, filming, live streaming, social media, marketing, etc.


Awakened Leaders, speakers, presenters, musicians, dancers, performers, priestesses, ceremony creators, sacred site activators.