Live Events


11.11 Live Events

This is where Live Events will be listed in the future!
This year, inJOY our Virtual "Mother Event"!

Locate Live Events here, in the future.

Go to the MAP page to see where our Keynote Speakers, presenters and other contributors will be beaming in from, as well as the Sacred Sites we intend to Re-Activate from afar!

Who is hosting the LIVE events?

Here is where we will be linking in our Live Event Producers (in the future), as our Network grows.

We understand the gravity of the times we are living in and know that LIVE events will NOT occur this year, as we first envisioned.
And yet, we hold this part of the vision close to our hearts and know that it WILL happen in the future, and we plan on it!
This year, let us experience this ‘virtual’ event from home!

Jessica Perlstein

"Fractalculture" Header Image Artist

Autumn Skye

"Light Work" Footer Artist