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Group Presentations

Affiliate Segment

Unified Field Trip: Grounded Hope for a Thriving Future

Kimberly & Foster Gamble, Interviewed by Anistara Ma Ka

Foster & Kimberly Gamble

Thrive Documentaries/ Freedom Portal

Anistara Ma Ka

Interviewer/ Mother of 11.11 Unify
Partner Segment

"Relationship Role Models: See Love Lived"

Katie & Gay Hendricks Interviewed by Christina Weber & Imari Anderson

Gay and Katie Hendricks

Hendricks Institute

Christina Weber

Deepen Founder

Imari Anderson

Deepen: Co-Explorer
Partner Segment

"Dyadic Leadership"

Rono Smith & Sierra Sullivan

Derek and Galit Rydall

George Kansas and Tracey Trottenberg-Kansas

Laurence Abrams and Julie Avena

Brian and Andrea Wasserman

Jennifer Russell and Bryan Franklin

Partner Segment

"Optimization and Activation Guide"

Lee Davy

Jeremy Hoffmann

Other Partners

Group Presenters/ Speakers

"Love In Action"

with Tzadik HaNachash and friends

Tzadik HaNachash

"Hope 11-11 Meditation"

with Rennie Davis & Kirsten Liegman

Kirsten Liegman and Rennie Davis

Individual Presenters

Awakened Leaders

Co-Creating our Collective Future Earth Vision, together!

Anistara Ma Ka

Mother of 11.11 Unify, Awakened Leader, Author & Visionary Pioneer

Andrew Kaus

Father of 11.11 Unify, Jack of all Trades

Chief Phil Lane Jr.

Four Worlds International Institute

Sandy Heart

Golden Codes Transmission: Recode Your Reality

Craig Goldberg

The Science of Mindfulness


The Alchemy of the Soul

Jonah Martin Lion

Jedi Alliance Jedi Academy

Kelly Krezek

Regenerative Communities of the New Earth

Julie Avena

Shakti Kundalini Yoga Activation

Hilary Heart

Planetary Alchemist, Co-Author of "Primordial Spin"

Dawn Light

Self Love Activation

Michealah Ivie

Change your Words, Change your World!

Rono & Sierra

Founders of Eden World, Curators of Magic!

Lee Davy

Human Optimization/Superhuman Activation Guide

She She O’Donnell

Live a Divine Life

Galit Rydall

Temple of the Heart 11:11 UNIFY Sacred Light Activation

Tzadik Greenberg

Building a Global Culture of Peace


"Antahkarana" Header Artist