Production Dream Team

This incredible team helps create the dream! 
It takes a tribe.  So grateful to bEARTH our Future, together!

Anistara Ma Ka

Mother of 11.11 Unified, Lead Producer, Enrollment Master

Mama Bear overseeing all of the things, bEARTHing our future, together!

Andrew Kaus

Father of 11.11 Unified, Jack of all Trades

Supportive life partner and husband of Anistara, the angel man of manifestation!

Jesse Churchill

11.11 Portal Video editor

Epic friend and co-heart, a trouper, late into the night, getting it done!

Kalindi Garcia

Production Assistant

Tying up all the little loose ends to wrap things up with a lovely bow.

Brielle Bataille

Marketing director/
Media Partner

Manifestation Media’s vision and mission if one in the same, we are in this together.

Andrea Magat

Anistara's Executive Assistant

This woman is a Rock Star, she gets it done efficiently and concisely.

Are you ready to BE the change?

Are you ready to BE the change?

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