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So much goodness to be had!

Run of Show Schedule/Timeline for Virtual "Mother Event"

inJOY a FULL day of content!

Our Schedule/Timeline will be shared later this week…hang on tight for an incredible day of offerings!

11.11 Unify Global Gathering: Virtual “Mother Event”: 11/11/2020

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The “Mother Event” is our love offering to the world, for our Collective Future Earth Vision & our “Thrival” for 7 Generations to come!

11.11 Unify Global Gathering: Virtual “Mother Event”: 11/11/2020

Are you ready for a breath of fresh air?
Would you like more hope for our future?

Let’s discover what it will take,
to co-create our Future Earth Vision,
for everyone’s “THRIVAL”!

Join us for a full day of inspirational
Speakers, Presenters, Movement & Music!

Global Prayer for Love, Peace, Harmony & UNITY, at 1-1:11p.m.PST!

from our commUNITY Partners and Presenters!

~”Unified Field-Trip: Grounded Hope for a Thriving Future”:
Kimberly and Foster Gamble (Thrive Documentaries),
interviewed by Anistara Ma Ka

~”Relationship Role Models”: Katie and Gay Hendricks
Interviewed by Christina Weber & Imari Anderson (Deepen)

Hope 11-11: Meditation & Livestream ~Kirsten Liegmann  ~Rennie Davis  ~Todd Nelson  ~Deanna Minich  ~Rob Hopkins ~Della Duncan ~Richard Heinberg ~Ted Rau ~Mark Lakeman ~Chloe Buzzotta ~Dakotah Apostolou ~Ed Huling ~Luwayo Biswick ~Andrew Langford

Eden World (Dyadic Leadership) ~Sierra Sullivan ~Rono Smith ~Derek Rydall ~Galit Rydall ~George Kansas ~Tracey Trottenberg-Kansas ~Brian and Andrea Wasserman ~Laurence Abrams ~Julie Avena ~Jennifer Russell and Bryan Franklin

Connected Community (Optimization and Activation Guide)
~ Lee Davy ~Jeremy Hoffman ~Chase Trellert
~Kaila Lawtonn ~Kandra Mclellan

Earth Walk / Whole Person Events (Love in Action)
~Tzadik HaNachash ~ Scott Catamas ~Danette Wolpert ~Cynthia Rose ~Singing Bear ~Virginia Warren ~Jonah Martin Lion ~Avasa & Matty Love ~ Charles Eisenstein ~Valerie Silidker ~Isabella Braveheart ~Adam Apollo ~Phil Lane, Jr. ~Jon Ramer & Sailesh Rao ~Sheri Herndon ~Marissa Pei ~ V. Lynn Hawkins ~Singing Bear ~Audrey Addison Williams ~Rennie Davis & Kirsten Liegmann ~Mark Lakeman

Awakened Leader Presentations:

Anistara Ma Ka (Anistara’s Messages from Source) 

Amoraea  (The Alchemy of The Soul) 

Craig Goldberg (The Science of Mindfulness)

Gaby Sundra (For Better Love) 

Galit Rydall (Temple of The Heart Sacred Light Activation) 

Jonah Martin Lion (Jedi Alliance- Jedi Academy) 

Julie Avena (Shaki Kundalini Yoga Activation) 

Kelly Krezek (Regenerative Communities of the New Earth) 

Michaelah Ivie (Change your words, Change your world) 

Sandy Heart (Golden Codes: “Recode Your Reality”) 

She She O’Donell (Live a Divine Life)

Tzadik HaNachash (Building a Global Culture of Peace) 

Live Music:

~Amae Love ~Drumspyder ~Ixchel Prisma

In Partnership with: @ManifestationMedia 

The 11.11 Portal Videos: 22-minute video presentations.

The A.M. Portal Video OPENS the day, press “PLAY” at 11a.m. (your time zone).

The P.M. Portal Video SEALS the day, press “PLAY” at 11p.m. (your time zone).

This Virtual “Mother Event” will be shared on our Eventbrite Virtual Event Page (you must Register and then log into your account, to view it). Can also be seen on our Roku and Amazon FireTV Channels via Livecast365!

NOW IS THE TIME to co-create our collective Future Earth Vision- together!

Opening the 11.11 Portal, Activating our Planetary Light Grid, Re-Activating Sacred Sites, Megalithic Structures & Chakra Points on MotherShip Gaia, Amplifying our Vibration, utilizing the 1111Hz “Angelic Frequency of Love, Peace, Harmony and Unity!

Https://                   1111~LOVE~PEACE~HARMONY~UNITY!!

@1111Unify @Anistara1111

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