11.11 Vision

The Great Awakening is here!

Our 11.11 Unify Global Gathering VISION!

Discover how our 11.11 Network envisions spanning the globe!
On 11/11/2020, we will "gather" as ONE commUNITY- sharing the magic of 11.11 and it's potent power to assist our Great Awakening! Our 11.11 Unify commUNITY Network will bridge collectives, organizations, and various communities- "BIRTHing" our Future Earth Vision- together! Our 501(c)3 Transdimensional Illumination will support and fund a variety of projects, including: conscious sustainable land-based projects, regenerative soil organic farms, heirloom seed banks, clean air and water initiatives, technology systems, innovative inventions and the like- supporting our Future Earth Vision!
sharing our 11.11 Portal Videos and Love-Streaming 15 hours of content on 11/11/2020, from 11a.m. EST- 11:30p.m.PST. We have partnered with LiveCast365 to assist us in producing the Mother Event, giving us a truly liberated 3rd party platform to share our content! From Livecast365, we will share on other channels, such as FB, IG, appleTV, Amazon, Roku and more! The "Mother Event" will bring you powerful presenters, keynote speakers, potent transmissions, music, art, meditation, movement and more!
They will be determined, as the ability to gather in common unity opens up once again. Live events will range from small, in home gatherings of family and friends, to bigger gatherings at a park, to larger festival-like events (depending on our "shelter in place" protocols at the time). Collaborating with existing 11.11 events, as well as co-creating new ones that will initiate, within our 11.11 Network.
including (sacred sites in); America, Indonesia, Egypt, Peru, England and others. Partnerships with Unify.org, Connected Community, Earth Walk, Eden World, Fem Talks, We Deepen, Whole Person Events, Hope1111 and others will bridge and merge communities together, to experience the 11.11 Portal Videos and "Mother Event" content!
Wherever you are in the world, you will have the ability to OPEN the 11.11 Portal (at 11-11:22a.m.) and SEAL the 11.11 Portal (at 11-11:22p.m.). Every time zone will be able to simply press PLAY on the 11.11 Portal Videos, whether you are in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Bali, Europe, NYC, Austin, Sedona, California, Mexico, Canada or Hawaii, the 11.11 Portal Videos will be there for you to view! Sending the 11.11 frequency around the globe!
at various Sacred Sites on the planet, with 360 film technology. Co-Hearts would then experience the Ritual using their VR goggles, while creating their own virtual ‘avatar’ and could then, experience the Sacred Circle ‘virtually’ as if they were actually there and present with us. Collectively ‘re-activating the sacred sites’ together, from anywhere in the world!
Awakened Leaders

UNIFY with us!

Pioneering the vision for our future eARTh!

NOW is the time to “WE-member” our divinity
and the truth that we are all ONE!

We are at the brink of a great precipice –
one in which we all get the
opportUNITY to make a choice…
Shall we focus on the separation narrative
(the constructs of the duality matrix illusion),
OR shall we focus on our intrinsic Unification
with one another, as ONE?

To move away from the energies that ‘divide’
and keep us ‘separate’ and, instead,
lean in towards the energies that UNITE us!

Unified – interconnected in all ways,
for always- our individual experience
influences our collective and visa versa.
As each individual awakens to the truth of
all that is, so shall we all!

Let us ‘gather’ as ONE UNIFIED FIELD
of energy- focusing our intentions and prayers

11.11 assists us in amplifying our
Unification Vibration,
bridging us from 3-D to 5-D!

Shawn Hocking

11.11 Header Graphic Artist

Autumn Skye

"Light Work" Footer Artist